Water at the Ready

After a disaster, it's critical that you have water on hand in case the water normally provided by Washington Water is unavailable.

How much water should you set aside for use in an emergency? Use these guidelines to decide.

There are several ways you can make sure your emergency water supply stays fresh.

You can also stretch your stored drinking water supply by using it for drinking and cooking only. Water that is suitable for other uses can be found elsewhere. For example, water collected from your downspout can be used for bathing. It does not have to be of the same high quality as your drinking water. This water can also be treated, as noted above and be used for general housekeeping. It can also be used to refill toilet tanks. Water from springs, lakes and snow melt can also be useful. It is extremely important, however that you keep all gathered water that has not been purchased or piped to you away from your stored, potable drinking water supply.