Peacock Hill Improvements for Improved Reliability & Fire Flow

July 2014

Peacock Hill tank
Peacock Hill construction
Peacock Hill building
Peacock Hill pipe
Peacock Hill hydrant and trench

In 2012, plans were submitted and site approval was received from Pierce County allowing us to install a new storage tank (reservoir) and a Booster Pump Station (BPS).

The new tank is made of concrete and stands approximately 30-feet tall with a diameter of 26-feet. This tank is capable of storing 119,140 gallons of water and along with our existing 40,000-gallon tank; this tank is filled using a 300 GPM (gallon per minute) well pump.

Now to get all that water to our customers, a Booster Pump Station (BPS) was built next to the reservoir. In the BPS, we installed four pumps; this allows us to transfer over 1,000 GPM of water into the water system. Since these booster pumps, pump directly into the distribution system, they work in conjunction with our 100' tall gravity storage tank to sustain water pressure throughout the system during a fire flow event.

In addition to the tank and BPS, we have also completed and obtained water rights for two new wells producing in excess of 500 GPM. This in addition to the 12 wells that we currently operate, we have been able to increase our total well production to over 1,700 GPM. With the increase in wells and other storage tanks we have on this system, we were able to increase fire flow and improve system reliability.

These system improvements have a positive impact for our current customers and future customers by improving the systems performance and increased fire flow. The new tank and BPS is located west of Peacock Hill Avenue NW on 124th Street in Gig Harbor.

Water Mains & Hydrants

In addition to the new storage tank and BPS, Washington Water has begun upgrading and replacing water mains throughout the system to handle the new water flow. Many of the water lines were installed in the 1970's, so replacing them is important to ensure that they system is operating at its peak reliability. We will be completing the water main replacement project in phases and thus far we have installed a quarter of a mile of 12" main on along Peacock Hill Avenue NW and we have also installed additional fire hydrants.

Project Funding

This project is an example of our commitment to our customers to provide safe and reliable water service. Washington Water Service with assistance from developers we are able to complete these improvements to the Peacock Hill Water System without the assistance of any federal or state grants, stimulus funding or government loans and without adding any special surcharges on customer bills.

Stay Tuned

Up next are more water main upgrades along 144th Avenue NW. If you have any questions or would like more information on these improvements and future improvements in your area feel free to contact our customer service department toll free at (877) 408-4060.